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Neodymium Disc Magnets – A Short Guide to Their Particular Properties

Disc magnets are round flat disc shaped Neodymium magnets. The interior coating of some Neodymium magnetic substance comprises Dysferromagnetic material (DyF) which is responsible for its magnetic properties of the disc magnets. A thin coating of Neodymium metal, which will be called the”Black Metal” flows through the gaps between the Neodymium layers creating a mutual …

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a branch of science that deals mainly with the study and manufacture of electronic circuits, equipment, and systems that use electricity, electronic circuits, and electromagnetism, which are present in our daily life. It also deals with other specialized areas like energy efficiency, circuit design, integrated circuit technology, safety, software, and computer architecture, …

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Electrical Engineering Services

With the increasing demands for high quality electrical engineering services, more, electrical engineering companies are offering an array of solutions to meet these growing requirements. Electrical engineers also work to make sure that all electrical systems within an organization to function properly, safely and at an efficient rate. Electricians are able to provide a number …

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